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About 100 years of competence

1.10.1911 establishment of a carpenter’s shop
22.1.1930 entry into the newly introduced trades register
1967 take-over by Klaus Kessler
2007 take-over by Waldemar Maier
Entry into the Commercial Register Freiburg HRA 700598 700598.


Who are we

Our medium-sized company has been around since 1911. Glass and metal have always fascinated us. For this reason, we boast a long-lasting experience in the field of glass and metal work. Our product range has kept pace with technological changes, so that our innovative ideas can always be put into practice and meet your requirements..
Our employees are our most important assets, we therefore consistently support their development and further qualifications.
The expertise of our employees alongside the continuous development and streamlining of the production processes enable us to offer you the best solutions.
Leading store chains, manufacturing companies, authorities and private customers, this is our clientele.
Our service and working area reaches across the entire southern region of Germany, Switzerland and Austria.